U bent hier: / SIM kaart registreren
Register your SIM card

·                Registration


Together with your SIM card have you got the link for activation.
http://freetimetele.com You have to enter this in order to register yourself as a user and to be able to use the SIM card.  


Step 1: Enter the link.


  Step 2: Please select: „Register SIMCARD” to sign up.



 Step 3: Enter your personal data by going to “open Account”.



  Step 3a: If you already have an account you can simply fill in your email Address and Password


            Step 4: A confirmation email will be send to your email address.




Step 5: Please select the “to Account” link in the confirmation message and you will have the option to activate your SIM card and select your telephone number by clicking on "SIM card"



 Step 6: Select “Add a SIM card”

                      The following information will be required to activate the card; Date of birth, Nationality and Passport or ID number.
Save this information by pressing the button. If the system asks you to correct some of the Personal Data, please do so.

                      As soon as you have entered this information, you will have the possibility to make a choice out of the presented Telephone numbers for your „personal number“. You will have the option to select your Liechtenstein and German telephone number for making national calls in Germany and international calls on a world wide basis. This offering will be extended in the next coming months.

The next step is to select your personal telephone numbers.

Registration is now completed and the next step is to charge your SIM card.


Please write down your Telephone numbers and your PIN Code.

.As you have now a “ready to use SIM card”, you are required to add Call-Value to your SIM card, if your card is not already a SIM card that has prè-paid value on it.