U bent hier: / "My Account" op uw PC/laptop
My Account on your PC or Laptop

·                To install the application on your PC/Laptop  

To download this Application on your PC, please go to your “My Account” on the website or enter in your browser.



Select the appropriate Operating System for your PC and start the download. 

Subscriber number:

Here you enter the +423 XXX XXX XXX Number,


Here you enter the password you have entered at the registration process of the SIM card.


Login (3)                                      Welcome (2)         

 ·                “My Account” Activities

In „MyAccount activities“ you can have an overview of all the various activities on your mobile phone; i.e. incoming and outgoing calls over GSM and VoIP, SMS, data traffic and recharges.



·                „My Account“ Event details


Each single event can be seen in more detail if you click this again.

Event Details


·                „My Account“ Voicemail

At this page you can get an overview of your voicemails. When you click on on of these voicemails you can listen to the mail and/or later delete the specific mail.


Voicemail (2)

 ·                „My Account“ Settings


In the „MyAccount“ application you can change the following settings.

Click “settings” and chance the settings you want to modify.

    o   Call Forwarding

o   Always forwarding to voicemail or a specific Telephone number.

o   Forwarding when no answer.

o   Forwarding when busy.

o   Forwarding when not reachable ( forwarding when not reachable when the phone is switched off or low battery).

o   Softphone, forwarding to the GSM Mobile Phone when no answer

o   Important!
The system will always try to connect to the user on the VoIP connection. If the user is outside a WiFi area or the call is not answered by the user, then the call will automatically be switched the Mobile telephone. The user has the option to enter the number of seconds, before this connection to the mobile phone will be made.



 ·                „My Account“ Voicemail

 o   Notification per email

   §  When you would like to receive an email notification as soon as a voicemail will be received; you can define this here.

o   Changing the Voicemail PIN

§  You have the option to change your PIN.

o   Sending email notification

§  Adding notification.

o   Deleting the Voicemail after sending the email.


·                Show your own number

Here you can select that the party you are calling sees your number.