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In order to use data or the internet on your mobile Telephone or the Laptop; please follow the instructions below.

Settings for Voice over Internet (VoIP)

To use VoIP on your mobile phone you have to select on your mobile phone the settings for network and WiFi. As well do you need to install an applet like Sipdroid. The settings for these applets are as follows:

Sipdroid access data:

·         Authentication name      =  7937 XXXXXX

(your Global +44  mobile number)

·         Password                      =   YYYYYYY
(Please use the password that is assigned to you on your “My Account“)

·         Server                                   =      sip.chilisim.com

·         Domain                               =       sip.chilisim.com (not always necessary, depends on the SIP  client)

·         Username                            =       e.g. your own name

·         Port                                       =       5060

·         Protocol                              =         UDP


For VoIP over the internet you can install a program like our softphone on your Laptop.

o  Go to Clent Services on our website

Please use exactly the same settings as on your mobile phone. Additional settings are available for the selection of Microphone and Speakers.

·      Using Data Services when abroad

Your FreeTime SIM card is extremely good in using Data services in foreign countries.

Important! Be careful in watching movies and television programs when abroad because these „downloads“ may consume a considerable amount of Data.

For using Data services on your Laptop, you can us