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Using your FreeTime SIM card


            Making Calls using the Call-Back mode:



Making calls in countries where you do not have a local number can be done by using the Call-Back mode.

The way Call-Back functions is ease to handle:  


You simply key-in the required telephone number in the international format
+44 793X XXX XXX or 0044793x XXX XXX

Then press the “send” or green button. After a few seconds your telephone will ring and you simply accept the call by pressing the green button again. Once more you wait a few seconds and you will be connected to the person you wanted to call.  


With the Nokia mobile telephones and some other brands you have to select the call-back functionality from the “Menu”, the process itself is the same as described.

During the call-back process, the mobile phone will give some messages about the status of the call-back setup; these messages can be ignored.  

 ·             Receiving calls  

Accepting received calls is done by pushing the green button on your mobile phone.

Using data: 
For using data you have to set the APN

 APN: .                   chili
user name:         leave blank
Password:          leave blank

Operating the FreeTime Voicemail System. 

To listen to your Voicemail and/or adjust your Voicemail Settings please call your own Mobile Number in the international format, e.g. +44793795xxx. 

As soon as you hear a voice, enter * 

Then enter your Password.  

You are now connected to your Personal Voicemail System. 

The Menu structure is as follows: 

1 = Listen to voicemail messages 

                                4 = Play previous message

                                5 = Repeat current message

                                6 = Play next message

                                7 = Delete current message

                                8 = Forward message to another mailbox

                                9 = Save message in a folder 

                                * = Help during message playback: Rewind

                                # = Exit during message playback: Skip forward


2 = Change folders 

0 = Mailbox options 

                                1 = Record your message, if unavailable

                                2 = Record your message, busy

                                3 = Record your name

                                4 = Record your temporary message 

                After all recordings:

                                1 = Accept

                                2 = Review

                                3 = Re-record 

* = Help ·          

# = Exit 

When you have registered your SIM card in the “MyAcount”, the system asks for “Language”. The setting of this language determines also your Voicemail Language.