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Smart SIM Card for low Cost calling and data usage abroad! 

Save up to 90% when using your mobile phone abroad! 

As a business or leisure traveller you, of course would like to save on communication cost when you are travelling abroad. Especially the cost for internet and data usage in non –European countries can be huge.

The FreeTime Telecom SIM card can keep your cost abroad low and savings up to 90% can be achieved compared to your present service provider!

  With the FreeTime SIM card you can: 

  •     Make calls in the European Union, in- and between  the EU countries:
    •    Calls 11 cent/minute.
    •    Incoming calls are free.
    •   Text at 6 cent.
    •    Data at 11 cent per Mb and roaming in all EU countries.
    •    Data packages available for:
      •   100Mb 
      •   200MB 
      •   500MB 
  •   No call set-up fee.
  •   Make local calls at local rates in the USA!
  •   Receive incoming calls in the USA at 0 cent,
  •   Save up to 90% when making calls outside Europe and the USA!
  •   Receive incoming calls outside Europe and the USA in several countries,
     from 0 cent per minute.(on  the basis of your +44 Global number)!
  •  Make calls without paying a “call set-up” fee
  •  Use our calling over the internet (VoIP) option and reduce your communication cost even more!
  •  Add an American or Spanish local country number for making calls, sending SMS’s and using data in that country for local prices! 

How does it work? 

With your present SIM card in your mobile phone, you are when being abroad, when you are making calls or when you are using data; you are doing this on the basis of roaming. This will bring extra cost in Europe, but for sure outside Europe. Ideal would be if you had a SIM card where you would make calls at low cost and use data against normal and reasonable rates on the basis of local numbers. 

With the FreeTime SIM card you can! 

Our SIM card has more than one international number. You can opt for a Global, a European and/or a USA number in your card. For some additional countries, like Spain, you can get a local number from us. All of these numbers are connected, including the number for making, or reaching you on VoIP for internet calling.

So it does not matter what number one is using to call you. This is also applicable for receiving SMS’s, or if somebody calls you using the internet, as your internet number is also connected to your card just like all your other booked numbers.

You can book the additional numbers in your card for a minimum of 30 days, so you can tailor it to your traveling needs.