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·                SIM Menu


The SIM Menu of the card has a large number of settings you can choose from. Please only change these settings when you are asked for. Applying wrong settings can influence the options that the SIM card has in their proper functioning. Please do therefore only change the settings mentioned in this instruction manual.

 ·                SIM applications

(or SIM toolkit, SIM card settings) 


 Multi Account

Country Menu

At this point you can enter the information about your the present „country“ location you are in. These settings normally will set automatically by your SIM card and please only change this in the next two situations:

 o   After a change of country and you have for a longer period had no reception of a local operator. Please try in this case to select manually the country you are in at that moment, if that country is on the list of countries or select the * global mode. Make sure that your network selection is set to “Automatic”

o   You are asked by customer service to select a specific country from the list.


Selection Mode

This always has to be the  „Automatic & Manual Mode“. The option „Manual Mode“ is only there for service situations and has to be selected in „border type“ situations where operators on both side of the border try to capture subscribers traffic.      


iPhone and Android Settings

When you use the SIM card in an iPhone or Android phone, please switch this option to „on“. 

 ·            Manual number

In some mobile phones the Call-back function does not function automatically and directly; in this case you have the option to make the call here directly from the menu.    

 ·                Balance Inquiry

Here you can ask fort he available Pré-paid balance of your account.  

 ·                Call Rate

At this option you can ask what the cost per minute are to a specific (country) number.

 ·                Recharge

At this option you are able to recharge your Account on the basis of a re-charge voucher

 ·                Show/Hide Number

 This option gives you the choice to show the called party your mobile number. You can switch this on or off. (CLIR).  

 ·                Additional Services

This option is reserved for future, additional features.