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About us

FreeTimeTelecom  is a brandname of European internetworking BV in the Netherlands. The goal of the group is to be the provider of global low-cost telecommunications services based on advanced SIM card technology.

The management team of FreeTime Telecom  has the experience in the field of management, marketing and technology for telecommunications applications.

The basic product is a SIM card with a series of local numbers, so that the user of the card being with his cell phone in the countries where a local number is available, will be able to use the phone with very competitive rates. The SIM card has an American and a UK local number, this together with a number for world-wide call-back. Is the user in a country where no local number available, then the SIM card will switch automatically to the, so-called "call-back option.
The SIM card is rich of services around voice, SMS, data and VoIP.

The marketing of FreeTimeTelecom  will address to use of the cheap phone and data services to specific target groups such as residents in Germany who are Russian-speaking as well as the population of Turkish-speaking residents. It is the objective of FreeTimeTelecom  to constantly apply new technologies and new country numbers.